Expert Witness

We are able to provide clear support of the facts at an arbitration, court of law or an appraisal hearing thru the use of one of our “expert witnesses” database.

Estimate Labor Rates

The Assembly Unit Pricing Method of a house or structure is the standard in the Insurance billing industry.

Services Offered

At Forensic Construction Estimates 123 we offer the following services: Expert Witness, Public Adjuster Services, Detailed Estimates ,Appraiser Representation…

Appraisal Hearing/Mediation

Many of the insured, contractors and property owners do not realize that written in their policies is a number of alternative dispute resolutions .

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Keep in touch for inquiries and advices about your claims.

We are a state licensed Public Adjusting Firm

We use the same estimate writing software that the insurance companies use.
Our field scope writers range from:

Interior Designer
Licensed Architects
Fire Investigators
Public Adjusters
Scope Writer

Why Our Clients Choose Us


In most cases we use a State Licensed Expert to scope or review and sign off on our estimates and no other quotes are required to justify the value of a claim.  Our reports are more detailed in the method of which the construction will take place. We also have the ability to add 3D to our estimates. Our goal is to avoid construction delays, insurance claim cost ambiguity and contractor confusion.

When a Professional Claim Consultant is involved from the beginning the path of least resistance is established. Our goal here at Forensic Construction Estimates 123 is to lead our clients down the path of clarity with a detailed scope of loss estimation starting from the day we walk on the insured’s property.  

We Sell Construction Estimates For a Percentage, Flat Fee or Party
of a Policy Consultation Package.

Insurance Claim Services


We offer many insurance claim estimation services;  Expert Testimony, Origin of the Cause of Loss, Claims Appraisal, Subrogation Evaluation, Meeting with Insurance Adjusters, Public Adjuster Referral and Legal Counsel Referral.

At Forensic Construction Estimates 123 most of our estimates are written in conjunction with photos, sketch, and 3-D Virtual Reality documentation. Our goal is that insurance adjusters, attorneys, claimants can get a clear vision from the very beginning regarding the scope of loss.

Forensic Construction Estimates 123 offers expert witness services to Attorneys, Claimants of a Property Loss, Public Adjusters, Contractors, Restoration Companies, Mitigation Services and any other entity that’s in need of our services.